WOO Sports – Get in the Game

What’s the first thing any of us saw in this sport? Chances are it was someone flying through the air, half parachuting, half snowboarding, half windsurfing and you thought – “hang on, that equals 150%… I gotta try this out!” No doubt regardless of how far we go in the sport boosting will always remain a rush and when you’re lit on your smallest kite the only concern is how high, far and long we can fly for.

Once the kiteboarding bug has bitten you and your kite mates are locked into the eternal verbal battle of who went higher last session, who’s kite brand have the most boost, just how big your mate went in the storm last month and so on. These arguments are set to become obsolete and replaced by a whole new world of pin-point accurate measurement.

Thanks to the new Woo Sports session tracker and app the sport is entering a whole new phase of big air engagement.

Full details www.woosports.com