Ozone C4 Review

C4 Kite

The C4 is back for 2015 and promises to put a smile on the faces of all the keen freestylers, helping them progress from their first backloops to the most powered unhooked tricks. The C4 has indeed made its reputation by bringing C shape performance while maintaining user friendliness. It’s got the raw power to send you to the moon, but enough depower to smooth out the gust and won’t be a pain to relaunch. One doesn’t need to be a PKRA pro-rider to enjoy the consistent power through the turn and the direct bar feedback of a C-shape. I’ve actually seen many intermediate riders finding typical all-rounder kites a bit tame but having a blast with the C4.

I ain’t no hardcore wakestyler myself but I’ve been riding them in 9 and 12 for the last 3 seasons and loving it, as they’ve been great to push my skills in both airstyle and unhooked tricks. I find Ozone has achieved the perfect bar feel with a fair amount of power going through the back lines which helps me land the biggest jumps super smoothly without even looking at the kite. Whether it’s a board off, loop or blind judge, I feel confident pushing harder on my tricks and trying new ones because the kite behaves so nicely. I’ve even taken it on a surf and on a foil, and while obviously not as good as a dedicated wave or race kite, it didn’t feel like it was holding me back.

Jake Kelsick

Jake Kelsick – Pic Torrin Bright

Having built paragliders for decades and achieved amazing results in the racing side of things with the Edge and Chrono, the Ozone team know a thing or two about making things fly. The C4 is strong but light, with a thin but sturdy leading edge and struts. The new double ripstop canopy material makes it even a little more crisper and reactive, which is particularly noticeable in the bigger sizes. I now love a session on my 12 as much as on the 9. The C4 still comes with a 45cm bar and 23m lines but a 38cm bar is also now available for the smaller size, which makes them slower and perfect for unhooked moves.

I’ve tried many good kites from many brands over the years and the C4 is definitely my favourite, I always encourage all my friends and fellow riders to demo one!

Ant from kitepower

Ant from kitepower

About the reviewer:
Antoine Sabourin – Kitepower
Since moving to Sydney in 2010, he’s been out riding every windy day and joined the Kitepower team as well as the NSW Kiteboarding Association. When not boosting or trying to pass the bar you’ll find him setting up events and comps for Sydney kiters.