You only get one shot… Freedom chats to Josh Stephens

In issue 2 of FREEDOM we helped launch a GOGETFUNDING campaign that ended up sending Noosa Kiter Josh Stephens to Morocco for the try outs of the PKRA.



We finally had a chance to catch up with the young ripper to see how he went here’s what he had to say…

Hey Josh it’s been a while since we caught up how did it all go on your trip to the PKRA in March?

It was an 18 hour trip to get to Morocco and the wind was up when I arrived so the first thing I did was go for a kite. A super tired kite anyway and it was about 40 knots!

Well that’s a good way to kick off your trip. What did you get up to leading up to the competition?

Well pretty much just kited every day with the pro riders, just in awe of the talent and style going down. I’ve never actually seen in the flesh that much talent in one place so it was incredible to witness and be there amongst it.

And how did your skills match up against the international competition and high level?

It kind of made me feel a bit small being there almost like my kiting was nothing in comparison but in the end I actually got pretty good results. I got 17th in the big air competition and I also qualified for the whole tour, the VKWC which is what it is called now. (Virgin Kitesurf World Championship). I didn’t make qualifications for the freestyle event but placed 32nd overall which I’m pretty happy with considering it’s my first time ever there.

Josh place 17th in the Big Air Event!Josh placed 17th in the Big Air Event!


Well done mate that’s awesome! So you made the trials for the big air comp are you going back for the next stop of the tour?

Yeh I’d really like too. I actually injured my knee just before the trial heat which was plaguing me so I had to take it easy, so next time I’ll be 100% and I think I’ll do a lot better so I’m excited for that.

How is your knee now?

I’ve done a lot of training and rehab and it’s pretty good now. Will be spot on in time for the next one.

What sort of training?

Lots of squats, bike work, no running! Magnesium and calcium supplements help too.


AXIS helped Josh out with Boards just before he left for the trials.

So when is the next comp your planning on making and how you planning on getting there?

I missed this current one (Isla de Coche, Venezuela) it was just too damn expensive to get there but the next one is July 11th at Tarifa so hope to make that one! I’m shopping around for sponsors at the moment to help me get there.

Good luck mate hope you manage to make it happen again! Apparently you have written a bit of a story on your experience over there?

Yeh, Morocco is an amazing place to kite, so I’ve written up a bit of stuff on that, – it’s kiteboarders heaven! Plus a personal view into the whole comp and all that too.

Cool Josh look forward to the article!

Thanks guys.

Make sure you catch Josh Stephens full story on his experience in Issue 03 of Freedom coming this September.