It pays to keep an eye on other sports and for mine Breddas are one of the best in wake (alongside the Shredtown Crew and Raph Derome) when it comes to web clips. This latest is satisfying on 2 main fronts, the 3 Swedish Bros Benjamin, Mattias and Jeremia Hoppe getting their just deserves with a pro model board from Obrien (the board looks the goods too) and some typically boundary pushing park riding antics.

And if that leaves you wanting a bit more then check out the first Breddas clip i ever saw, bear in mind this is 2 years ago!!! Still relevant to this minute.
Breddas from Breddas on Vimeo.

… and another for good measure!
One Shot by Breddas.com from Breddas on Vimeo.

If you’ve got this far why not go across to their Vimeo page and get amongst it direct, awesome stuff! and their blog