Venyu Triple S Wild Awards

The Triple S Wildcard video contest provides some of the best clips we see all year. We saw the winners last week. Real Kiteboarding have also released some special mention Wild Award winning clips and they’re rippers too!

Best Music – Sean Buell for a different approach to soundtracks.

Best Self Portrait – Easily taken out by Alex Campet (it doesn’t appear in the clip but the clip is rad too!).

“Alex Campet” 2015 Triple-S Wildcard Submission from alex campet on Vimeo.

Best Wipeout – Brandon Bowe for some big cable park beatings.

Sketchiest Features – Julien Kepski attempting some super sketchy gaps and making them look awesome!

Julien Kepski Triple S wildcard from Julien Kepski on Vimeo.