Slingshot Release the Gummy Strap – Game changer???

Freedom loves innovation. Some of us love riding boots but hate the hassles involved so our ears pricked right up upon receiving news of the Slingshot Gummy Strap!

Could this be a game changer for wake (and those who enjoy the more locked in feeling) riders? We don’t really need to pull cars but a more solid firm fit with no loosening through a session sounds pretty sweet!

Slingshot Kiteboarding boots KTV Freedom Kitesurfing Magazine

The KTV eliminates laces and now Velcro, could it become the ideal kite boot???

Given the sandy, kite steering nature of our boot entry/exit could the Gummy Strap be more important for kiting than wakeboarding enthusiasts?

Without a test case Freedom says YES!!!

But we thought we’d ask the expert, Slingshot Australia Rep Josh Van Brederode and he was more cautiously optimistic – “We’re not gonna use the word game changer, as we believe it’s thrown around a little too easily in the kite industry. However these things are amazing! The gummy straps are absolutely bomb proof. You will find videos getting around of our team riders pulling cars with them. They lock you in like never before and don’t slip or loosen on hard stacks or waves, making them ideal for kiteboarders. The pick for most kiters is going to be the KTV’s with the 3 gummy strap setup or the RAD for the kiter who wants to still have the conventional lace system. The new K9 mounting system means that you will have less flat spots in your flex due to a small footprint on the board, allowing you to use more of the elastic energy in your board.”

Slingshot Kiteboarding boots - RAD - Freedom Kitesurfing Magazine

The RAD maybe an ideal option for guys wanting a hybrid lace/strap option.

Find out for yourself soon. Watch –