Slingshot release 2015 RPM featuring IRS and One-Pump Speed

Big news out of Slingshot with the launch of their 2015 RPM, check out the vid and read the hype from the SS marketing machine. They’ve got us excited! You?

2015 RPM from Slingshot Kite on Vimeo.

We are proud to announce that on January 6th we will be making history once again with the new 2015 RPM. Chief Designer, Tony Logosz, just did to kites what the suspension system did for mountain bikes. This was not an easy task but after extensive research and development Tony and his team made a huge breakthrough in the engineering of the RPM bridle. According to Tony Logosz, “”This break through is a game changer for future kite design.”” We are proud to introduce our new revolutionary IRS bridle system.

The Intuitive Response System (IRS for short), is a new revolutionary pulley-less bridle system that combines a “Direct Drive Bridle” and a “Suspension Displacement Bridle.” The combination of these two advancements act as a shock absorption system and distribute tension properly to where it’s needed; much like a shock would do for a bike or car suspension system. The new IRS Bridle is a bungee system that not only eliminates pulleys, but also eliminates the lag time that results from the pulley having to travel fore and aft along the bridle line. Riders will notice a huge improvement in the kite’s stability with immediate and smooth feedback.

The IRS bridle is not the only improvement on the new RPM, we are also introducing our new “One Pump Speed System.” You will find the system dramatically reduces inflation time so you get on the water faster and with less effort. Other improvements include our bomb-proof construction with a all new diamond leech trailing edge construction and new DP 175 Dacron leading edge and strut material. These added features compliment our proprietary tri-tech protection making this the most durable RPM ever.

In addition to our tireless effort to build the best RPM ever, we’ve made dramatic improvements to our 2015 kite line-up with the 2015 Vision, Glide, Crisis and Turbine. All these radical improvements add up to a significant launch.