Slingshot Kiteboarding Welcomes James Bedford To The National Team

WE can expect a lot from Slingshot downunder this year. Not only have they reestablished a dealer network around the country but they’re building a team of rippers to put the product on show.

Name: James Bedford

Age: 19

What’s your riding style? Freestyle

Where do you call home? Geelong

What’s your local riding spot/spots? Point Henry

How about your favorite spot/spots? Barwon heads

Why Slingshot? Why not? The Gear is amazing and it holds up after an intense beating.

Foot-straps, boots or strapless? Why? Boots compliment my style and allow me to go bigger and ride with more power.

What does competition mean to you? It’s all about going big.

What was your favorite riding vacation? Heading to Perth each summer to the warm water and just spending every day on the water ridding hard with mates.

Tell us about your quiver, kites and boards… I ride the RPM and the Vision board, for me this is the perfect combination to go big and ride powered.

Any contest results we should know about?
1st State titles 2014 Freestyle
1st Kite stock 2011 Freestyle
2nd State titles 2015 Freestyle
3rd Kite stock 2015 Freestyle
3rd Nationals 2015 Freestyle

What is your favorite riding trick? A powered S3.

What’s tops on your playlist now? Saviour – Rise Against.

Your favourite food is? Chicken and brown rice.

What do you do when you’re not kiteboarding? Hit the Gym and watch kiting videos.

Who inspires you on the water? Pretty much anyone who goes huge and involves risk factor into their tricks.

Who inspires you in life? My Dad.

What your goals in the sport? To compete against the worlds best and win, also to land everything doubles.

Any parting words of wisdom? Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, Its about learning how to dance in the rain.

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James Bedford with his setup the Slingshot Vision and RPM kites.