Slingshot Foil

Hot on the heels of Liquid Force’s foil release Slingshot bring out their own foil.

In their own words- Slingshot is proud to introduce our first complete Hydro Foil package. Co-Founder and head Slingshot Product Designer Tony Logosz has quietly been working with Nick Leason of Lift Foils for more than five years. According to Logosz, “”The technology and knowledge that goes into building a quality hydrofoil does not come over night.”” Working with the best in the industry was a critical part of our long-term approach to developing foils. Nick could focus on design criteria while Tony could focus on general wide market appeal, composites and the overall fit and finish.

Our shared R&D effort has lead us to set the standard for quality and performance for those looking to get into foiling and those who already do. Think of it like this: Slingshot builds the computer and Lift builds the technology inside. The combination, simply put, is incomparable.

The NF2 Foil is user-friendly yet extremely efficient and high performance. It makes it the perfect crossover for flat water, ocean, and river sessions.