Sammy Pearce Pre-Nationals Interview – The Competitor

Sammy PearceThe Nationals are a few weeks away and we’re getting excited, in the next few weeks we’re going to catch up with some of the key people who will feature heavily during the event. First up one of the lovely ladies vying for glory – Sammy Pearce. Fresh from success in the recent KiteJam on the Gold Coast Sammy is eagerly awaiting getting down to Sydney to show everyone her latest tricks. We caught up with her (where-else but) on facebook to get the latest on her nationals aspirations.

FKM: So, Sammy, tell us a bit about your competition background…

OllieJ (rudely interrupts): Sorry to butt in… here’s your spread coming up in Freedom Issue 2 Sammy, yew!!!

ed: Sorry but you’ve gotta wait for this one. Readers you only have to wait a few weeks for Freedom Issue 2 to hit all good subscribers physical or digital mail boxes, newsagents stands, kite stores etc.

Sammy Pearce: Awesome Ollie!!

Sammy Pearce: I competed in the Alva/Townesville nationals which was ages ago in 2010 or 2011 (can’t remember the year) and I placed 3rd. The second nationals I went to there was no wind for a week so we didn’t compete. I have also competed in the kite jam comps on the Gold Coast – 3rd the first year I went, 1st place in 2013 and 1st place in 2014. I didn’t go to Melbourne Nationals.

FKM: Sweet! So, what are you expecting this year?

Sammy Pearce:My goal is just to land all my tricks in the time we have, most of the girls are know and it will be tough competing against them.

FKM: Great, what are you expecting from the Sydney conditions?

Sammy Pearce: I learnt to kite in Sydney it’s a fun spot but a lot more chop then on the sunny
coast so may be a bit harder than kiting in our river

FKM: Any special gear alterations from your usual? Also please give us a run through of your
typical freestyle contest gear…

Sammy Pearce: I only ride f one bandits I will be taking my 9m, 11m and 14m I ride the f one
acid board with ronix park boots I use pro limit harness for women

FKM: A lot of freestyle competitors are riding boots these days, how long have you been in the
boots and how have you found them for your trick repertoire?

Sammy Pearce: I have been using boots for about 4 years now I love them as with powered
unhooked tricks you have more board control and your feet don’t slip out! Also pop off water is better! I also love to hit kickers and sliders

FKM: Great, when do you think some decent obstacle events might happen in Australia?A lot of freestyle competitors are riding boots these days, how long have you been in the boots and how have you found them for your trick repertoire?

Sammy Pearce: I’m not sure, it would be awesome if there was some events with kickers! I entered a rail comp in hood river America in 2011 it was super fun it was called the ro-sham throw down.

FKM: So who do you think are the girls to watch in the 2015 nationals?

Sammy Pearce: I’m not really sure who is going but I’m pretty sure Chrissy from Perth is going and she came second in the last nationals. Marine is from Sydney she won the last nationals but not sure if she is going or not. There is Katie from Melbourne, Rachael from Townsville all really great riders but not sure if they are going either. Also, Fabienne from Perth. Hopefully there will be a heap of new girls as well.

FKM: So what trick do you think can get you over the line against whoever you come up against in Sydney?

Sammy Pearce: I have just started landing s-passes so hoping to land one of them.

FKM: We’ll be watching for them Sammy! Good luck in Sydney!

Sammy Pearce: Thank you