Rowdy’s Triple S – (Sardinia Slider Sessions)

Opportunistic use of someone else’s name (Triple S is so hot right now!)??? Perhaps. None the less a sweet rail clip and some insightful words from Australian Kiteboarding’s most outspoken member.

Rowdy’s take:
It was the usual slider situation – windy until the slider comes out and once it’s in place the wind goes away…

With no decent forecast for the rest of the trip I was more than stoked that I at least got these two twenty minute sessions in on each of the sliders. These sessions weren’t perfect but they made me realise that riding a rail or slider with a kite isn’t just about besting your all-time hits, it’s more about building on what you can do in that same
session. As I’ve said before kiteboarding will never have the consistency of a boat or cable set up, but ultimately I think that’s what keeps us all coming back for more.

Footage: Kuba Winkowski, Karolina Winkowska
Thanks to for all the help and hospitality!