Rowdy does Egypt

This clip has been doing the rounds for a while and certainly has any wakestylers licking their lips.

Says Rowdy – This was a little video my mate Oliver Marciniak ( filmed over 2 or 3 days in Soma Bay Egypt. He’s a really talented guy who’s right into producing all sorts of media for different companies and in his spare time does things for mates like myself, I was stoed to have him come out and do this as there’s no way I could have pulled together what he did haha.

Egypt contrary to what the Australian media tells you is actually an amazing place, I’ve never been to a place with as consistently windy days and flat water as Egypt (Soma Bay).
All the clips in the vid are from 7BFT Kite House (, this is a private spot with a limited number of guests allowed to be on-site at any one time, it’s great because you never get that overcrowding that other spots of this calibre always seem to have.

Also the staff and everyone there is so helpful with organising anything you want to do that it just makes it an easy place to stay. They have a shuttle every 30mins from the Hotel to the beach house all-day every-day so you can just decide to cruise down whenever you want! Makes me think I should probably just go back there instead of WA hahaha.- When are they inviting the Freedom team???