Road Trippin’ With Andy Yates – Episode 2

Road Trippin' with Andy Yates – Episode Two from FSR Industries | Media House on Vimeo.

Episode 2 is a combo of world champ level freestyle and an insight into a remote Aboriginal communities first exposure to the sport. Not to be missed!

Jordan from FSR Industries full intro:

Welcome to Road Trippin’ with Andy Yates. A series about where kiteboarding can take you.

In episode two, Andy and I travel South from Cairns to the isolated Aboriginal community of Yarrabah. We were so warmly welcomed there and were privileged enough to be shown around by Pat Lasalo and his colleagues Richard and Lavin, the community’s well respected paramedics. We stopped by the museum, primary and secondary schools and took a bunch of awesome kids out for a kite at one of their stunning beaches.

Andy was the 2010 PKRA World Champion and is still not only an incredible kiteboarder and amazing athlete, but a super down-to-Earth guy willing to step outside his comfort zone to experience something different. He’s studying medicine, with a focus on tropical and indigenous medice, a fact that we explore a bit more in this episode. We find out what makes him tick and how he came to study medicine.

From Yarrabah, we headed further South to a place called Lucinda for what was one of the best kite sessions we’d had so far!

Huge thanks must go out to:
Ozone Kiteboarding for helping to make this project possible in the first place.
Sony and Rode Microphones for sending us some amazing Sony Action Cams and Rode Mics to capture all the action with.
Xenon Kiteboarding.
Pat Lasalo, Richard and Lavin from the Queensland Ambulance Service.
Ash Gale and Oisima for allowing us to use their incredible music. These guys are great local artists (out of Adelaide, South Australia) so get on down to their sites, give likes, buy tunes and show your support for great Aussie music!

Stay tuned for Episode Four where we continue down the coast in search of paragliding, surfing, and more kiting at Andy’s home, the Sunshine Coast.