Road Trippin’ With Andy Yates – Episode 1

A great new 5 part series by FSR Industries Jordan Roberts and Australian and World Champ Andy Yates traveling up and down the Queensland coast. Episode one sees some great riding in and around Cairns and out on the reef. Looking forward to the rest of the series.

Congratulations to the supporters of this great new Aussie kite series:
Ozone Kiteboarding for helping to make this project possible in the first place.
Sony and Rode Microphones for sending us some amazing Sony Action Cams and Rode Mics to capture all the action with.
Pat and Makaila Lasalo for putting us up in their super comfy home in Cairns.
Ash Gale, Ill Equipt and Problems for allowing us to use their incredible music. These guys are great local artists (out of Adelaide, South Australia) so get on down to their sites, give likes, buy tunes and show your support for great Aussie music!