Red Bull Megaloop Challenge Live Online

16 extreme kiteboarders will chase the Dutch storm.

We’ve got great news! Today (June 2nd) the wind will hit the Netherlands with over 30 knots and that means: Red Bull Megaloop Challenge “The world’s most extreme kiteboarding competition”.

The Red Bull Megaloop Challenge is set to be the most spectacular event making use of the extreme wind conditions in the Netherlands. We waited for the perfect day with wind speeds of 30+ knots and decent sized kickers, to see the best kiteboarding action possible. And today, June 2nd it’s on!

The worlds most “Extreme Kiteboarder” Ruben Lenten pre-selected 8 riders by invite and the remaining 8 riders are qualified through an online video competition.
Who will make the most spectacular megaloop?
Judges are looking for the biggest megaloops in kiteboarding. The criteria: Power, height, length, risk, style and execution. Quality over quantity. So 1 Megaloop can save the heat.

Location: The Spot, Zandvoort, the Netherlands
Date: June 2nd 2015
Time: Possible start 1PM (CEST) /

Check this video of the previous Red Bull Megaloop Challenge edition back in 2013 to get an idea of what to expect:

The Red Bull Megaloop Challenge will be broadcasted via a livestream (by Lewis Crathern & Jim Gaunt) on You will find the embed code for the webcast in the attachment so you can also directly share the stream on your website. We’re expecting to start at 1 pm (CEST). And if wind blows according to plan, the final will be between 5.30 pm and 6 pm.

But, of course you’re also more than welcome to join the event in the Netherlands and experience the rough circumstances on the beach.

Get ready to ride hard and fly high!

For more information, the 16 selected riders and some of their great megaloops, check: