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Your favourite (and the only!) Aussie mag is back with more goodness…


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This issue:

Aussies go big…. Ewan Jaspan and Keahi De-Aboitiz have been killing it overseas in the comps. We interview them both on what’s going on… GO AUSTRALIA!


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Aussie Editor Ollie J travels with WA Freestyle Champ Simon Wichterman to Mike Walkers Mauritius Kitesurf camp, and then onto Rodrigues Island for the RIKF kite festival. An incredible trip – both are must experience locations, read all about it this issue…


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We have a look at the sick new North Kiteboarding movie ‘The Bubble’ – it’s fantastic!


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WA lads charge Cloudbreak with some solid triple overhead conditions…


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International Editor Jason Wolcott looks back in time to his road trips of SA and WA…


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Lots of info on the latest Kites, boards, foils and more!


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Sam Light shows us around some of his local spots in England…


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And much much more!

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