The all Aussie Kitesurf Annual for 2020 – A mega collection of stories and pics from 2018-2020!


Product Description

The wind is finally here and so is the second Annual of AUSTRALIAN KITERS!
This issue is a cracker 112 pages super high quality coffee-table style book!


Well done to Charlie Wise from WA for scoring the cover with this epic slash captured by Samuel Cardenas





This issue is a collection of kitesurfing events, local destinations and sessions Australia wide, plus some great international camps for you to consider some time again.
AUSTRALIAN KITERS features all Aussie riders and a ton of Aussie locations. We live in one of the best kitesurfing locations in the world! Go STRAYA!

Here are some highlight in this issue:

West Oz Wave kiter Ryland Blakeney talks about Fin selection to maximise your chunk throwing.


We review one of the latest kites on the market the Ocean Rodeo Flite 14.5 Aluula – You have to try this kite!Australian_Kiters_Freedom_Kitesurfing_Issue10_05


Margaret River’s Gabi Steindl writes a splendid article on how to be a traveling kitesurfing journalistAustralian_Kiters_Freedom_Kitesurfing_Issue10_02


Ewan Jaspan Australia’s NUMBER 1 Freestyler talks about Kite Looping, Going BIG, and easy to do air-grab techniques.Australian_Kiters_Freedom_Kitesurfing_Issue10_07


Free the Foil – The first of our upcoming dedicated FOILING section. We interview some of the current key players James Grundy, NZ’s Olly Brunton, Mitch Stephenson, Jarrod Snow, Ryan Parsons.Australian_Kiters_Freedom_Kitesurfing_Issue10_16


We review the PETER LYNN NOVA 10m – The prefect kite for Hydrofoil kiting?Australian_Kiters_Freedom_Kitesurfing_Issue10_15


Highlights from the year of 2020 Aussie FreestyleAustralian_Kiters_Freedom_Kitesurfing_Issue10_08


Lennox Heads Kiteboarder Movie Maker Alex James Lewis Hughes on his latest park style movie – Death of ParkAustralian_Kiters_Freedom_Kitesurfing_Issue10_09


Qld Noosa’s Keahi makes the sickest kitesurf barrel focused movie of all time – Tunnel Vision.Australian_Kiters_Freedom_Kitesurfing_Issue10_18


Queensland Road Trip Destinations: Port Douglas, Archer Point, Alva Beach, Kurrimine Beach – Check them out!Australian_Kiters_Freedom_Kitesurfing_Issue10_10Australian_Kiters_Freedom_Kitesurfing_Issue10_11


Incredible travel destinations  Philippines / Mauritius / RodriguesPhillipines_kitesurfing_freedom


Full Wave riding tutorial for the waves of Mauritius by Qld Coach Mike WalkerAustralian_Kiters_Freedom_Kitesurfing_Issue10_14


Local lads get FLOGGED at One Eye – But love every minute of it đŸ˜€ – With Mike Rikard-Bell. Chad Johnston, Colin Macdonald, Matt Barnett, Mark Ludbrook, Eugene Molnar.Australian_Kiters_Freedom_Kitesurfing_Issue10_13


F#CK Covid 19 – Melbourne’s James Carew gets sick on the otherside of the world… He’s still killing it anyhow!


West Aus rider Rob Kidney talks about the latest kitesurf gear from CORE KITEBOARDINGAustralian_Kiters_Freedom_Kitesurfing_Issue10_06


Beginners Corner – How to go about learning to kite with Qld Coach Mike Walker.


We catch up with VIC photographer ADAM SNOW on his experiences since the 2018 GKA.


And a whole lot more!

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