Paula Rosales Profile

When a person has the job title ‘pro kite boarder and professional beach ornament’, we could not help but find out what she was talking about. Meet Paula Rosales, a talented and beautiful rider from the Philippines. I met Paula on my first trip to Boracay, South East Asia’s premier kite destination. At the time she was into riding Cable Park and wakeboarding as well as learning how to kite. We caught up with her via electronic sorcery and found out a bit more about this talented and stunning ripper/ beach ornament…

(FM)Where are you from?

(PR) I am from the Philippines but since I was the kid I’ve been traveling a lot with my mom.

(FM) How long have you been kiting?

(Paula Rosales) I’ve been kiting for 4 ½ years

(FM) How did you start?

(PR) I started kiteboarding because it was accessible for me, right on our doorstep is the kite beach in Boracay Island. A lot of my friends were doing it and I also wanted to try it out since I was wakeboarding.


(FM) Why kiteboard?

(PR) Kiteboarding for me kiting is an excellent crossover sport from where I came from, which is wakeboarding. It also gave me a chance to do wakeboard style tricks even without a cable or boat. Kiteboarding is a very progressive, green sport that I think everyone should try.

(FM) You do some modeling, who have you worked for?

(PR) Yes, I’ve been modeling since I was 10 years old or even earlier than that.
I think I got into it because my mom was working in advertising at that time, and I was just very theatrical, I love performing so it worked really well for me.


I did a couple of segments on TV, the last one was a fashion segment on morning TV show called fashion ETC. It’s about styling your basic wardrobe to give you that extra oomph. I’ve never really gone into ramp modeling because I am too small for that. But I’ve done a lot of endorsements for consumer products like noodles, chocolate bars, cologne, fast food chains, chips, soda, and telecom companies. That is more of my forte since in the modeling world am considered average looking. I stopped because it was really hard for me to maintain an “average” look – to maintain my career I had to make sure my hair was straight and my skin was fair, which was not really feasible since I love being outside in the sun. Now I still do modeling, but I choose my clients, I only work for brands that go for the bronze skin, sun-bleached hair look.


(FM) I checked out your Facebook page, you seem to travel a lot! Where is your favorite place to ride?

(PR) My Favorite place is still Philippines 🙂 our warm clear waters are really my top priority. The wind is good and it’s close to home!

(FM) What the hell is a beach ornament, your facebook page said something about being a beach ornament… ?

(PR) Haha, good question. I just had to define my line of work. I do a lot of branding/image modeling and event organizing. As I said earlier I stopped conforming for mainstream consumer goods, its a pain in the ass, so I only work for mostly beach brands now. Hence, beach ornament, for a lack of a better term, for getting paid to LOOK like a beach ornament.

(FM) Have you kited in Australia?

(PR) No, but I would really love to.



(FM) You live in the Philippines, how is the kiting there?

(PR) It’s amazing! There are so many places to visit, so many islands to discover. Good wind, clean beaches, friendly people.

(FM) I know you like to ride cable, how does this help you as a kiteboarder?


(PR) Oh definitely helps a lot, especially with EDGING. If you did not understand what it meant in the beginning when you first learned, that is something that is hard for a lot of people, just edge control which later becomes important for tricks. Cable park lets you practice with consistent pull unlike a kite in gusty conditions… it really is very helpful.

(FM) Do you do contests?

(PR) Yes, I participate on the Asian Kite Tour (KTA), as well the Triple S in Cape Hatteras.

(FM) Have you had any serious wardrobe malfunctions while kiting?

(PR) Yes, Kiting in a bikini is a skill. It took me awhile. I had a few mishaps especially with my bikini top when I crash. 🙂

(FM) Worst day at the beach?

(PR) When the wind dies in the middle of your session.

(FM) Best day at the beach?

(PR) Everyday is the best beach day!

(FMM) Any words for other up and coming female kiters?