NKL Gold Coast Grand Final Photos

Freedom Kitesurf Magazine Editor Ollie J managed to get a few hours on lens down at the final of the NKL.

Billy Hampton took out the surf style showing riding finesse and finely tuned technique of someone much older than only 16! Hot on his heels was James Carew (who took out strapless big air) and Beau Pilgrim.

Billy Hampton, Ozone Kites, NKL Gold Coast

Ozone Kites Teamrider Billy Hampton showed solid surf style to take out the Mens Surf title.

James Carew, North Kiteboarding, National Kiteboarding League Grand Final Gold Coast

James Carew showed solid surf style of his own…

NKL Grand Final Gold Coast, James Carew, North Kiteboarding, strapless kitesurf air

… and then took to the skies strapless to take out the Big Air trophy.

Beau Pilgrim, BWS Kitesurfing, NKL Grand Final Gold Coast

Beau Pilgrim came 3rd in the Men’s Surf with smooth style airs like this

Beau Pilgrim, Kitesurf, broken surfboard, NKL Grand Final Gold Coast

Unfortunately those big airs can take a toll on a riders gear. Beau is good enough to ride almost anything!

“Big ups to Ewan for taking out the NKLseries freestyle – stoked that a oz won it. Definitely the best I’ve seen Ewan ride in a comp. He got a sick KGB 5 and nose grab back mobe. Marc taking out 2nd and Elliot in 3rd.” – Simon Wichtermann

Ewan Jaspen, Naish Kiteboarding, stale back roll to blind

Adding style makes all the difference at the top level these days and Ewan Jaspen understands this better than most!

Marc Jacobs, NKL Finals Gold Coast

Despite not getting the win for the Kiwis Marc Jacobs came close and definitely impressed with his 2nd place finish.