Nationals Wrap Up By Kye Evans

Aaron Kenny laid out

The 2015 kiteboarding freestyle nationals was a wrap! 4 days of decent wind and heats was awesome! The last day was blowing hard a solid 25– 35 made it hard for the riders to throw down their top moves for the under 18s and mens double elimination finals. Lots of riders went massive! Some of the stand outs were Antoine Sabourin and Kye Evans. James Bedford managed to climb from tied 5th place to 3rd overall, and was lading some impressive tricks in his heats. Massive effort from him!

The Finals where definitely the most impressive to watch Declan McCarthy vs Simon Wichtermann, Simon managed to keep his first place and is now the NEW Australian champion! We all hope to see you next year!

U16 Division
1-Manny Blanch
2-Aaron Kenny
3 Kye Evans

U18 Division
1- Luke Smith
2- Matt Buchanan
3-Ryan Hamer Parsons

Masters Division
1- Rich Stenning
2- James Grundy
3- Rob Sellar

Womans Division
1- Marine Sudre
2- Katie Potter
3- Sammy Pearce

Mens Division
1-Simon Wichtermann
2- Declan McCarthy
3- James Bedford