Nationals Interviews – The Grom and Mum

The Grom and Mum

We put a call out to speak to competition virgins and groms, Tom Zorzut’s mum Nevis replied telling us that Tom is both. Having learnt to kite in the beautiful and very uncrowded waters of Phillip Island and Inverloch Tom’s first crack at a competition this week should be a great fun experience. We’ll check back up after the event to see how they found it all!

FKM: How did you get into the sport and when?
Tom: Well me and mum were looking for a sport as awesome as snowboarding that we didn’t have to drive for 5 hours to get too. The beach is a 2min walk from our house so kiteboarding seemed perfect. I did my last start-up lesson on Boxing Day a year ago.

FKM: What’s your favorite trick? What trick would you love to learn?
Tom: Love getting lots of air and doing grabs. I’d like to learn how to ride blind and land my S-Bends.

FKM: Your mum tells me you’d love to invent your own trick… Any ideas yet on what this could be? More importantly, what will you call it? The Zorzut roll?
Tom: Was thinking maybe grab the back of your board and pull it up to your chest, hold that while spinning around like a cyclone. I’d call it the Spinning Z.

FKM: Wow, sounds contorting! You’re not going to be this flexible forever, I’d get grabbing and spinning while you can! What do you expect from your first national titles? How excited are you?
Tom: So excited and a bit nervous too, but just keen to have some fun. I reckon it will be crowded, which makes me nervous because usually it just me and mum out kiting.

FKM: How have you found the sport from your own perspective and from a mothers perspective?
Mum: I love it, I feel like such an adventurer especially when we kite near Wilsons Promontory… so amazing! I love all the gear… too cool! And I love that you can take your stuff anywhere. This winter we are off up north to jump some crocs. I think need to bring more kids appropriate gear in like harnesses. (ed. Yep, come on brands, let’s get the kids out there for the future!)

FKM: This will be Tom’s first competitive kiting experience, what are you expecting from the event and what has encouraged you to make the big effort to get him to Sydney for the event?
Mum: Well it’s Tom’s birthday on Friday he turns 12, when I asked what he would like for a present he said he wanted to go to Sydney for the Nationals. I said that “there would probably be pretty heavy competition” but he was like, “that’s cool well just go for fun”. With an attitude like that who was I to so no? I think there will be some pretty awesome kids out there doing some amazing stuff. I think it will give Tom some real inspiration to take his kiting to the next level. He’s even starting trying unhooked since deciding to go in the comp and managed to land some railies.

FKM: Anyone you would like to thank?
Tom: I like to my mum for paying for everything and bringing me everywhere and Kyle for giving me my first lessons.
Mum: I would have to thank Tom for letting me play with him.The Grom and Mum