My Ride… With Eric Rienstra – From Issue 4

From Issue 4 – you can buy it here!
Photo taken by: PIC RYAN OSMOND


My kite quiver this year consists of an 8m Wave SST, 9-11-13m Fuels, and a 17m Turbine. The Wave is sick for wave riding and since you use a bigger board I don’t need a 10 or a 12 too often. The Fuels are my go to Freestyle and Park kites and I customise them by adding a 5th line. The Turbine is for those days when normal sized people would be on a 14. It has enough range that I can hang onto it until its windy enough to jump down to a 13.

For boards this year I went with the Vision 142, Whip 143, Celeritas 5’11 and Tyrant 6’1. The vision and whip are great for freestyle/park, the later used at the cable and in higher winds. The Celeritas 5’11 is a pin tail and is a bit flattened out to give it more efficiency to get my fat ass into the wave easier and really let me surf it. If the waves are really good I switch to the Tyrant 6’1 because it is narrower and has thinner rails so I can control it better at high speeds.

I use the Dakine Renegade Hybrid harness because it is a bit softer, allowing for more maneuverability. For boots I go with the RAD bindings because I like the feel of laces instead of velcro straps. The velcro on the top is ok though and keeps things a little more organsed than having two laces. I use the Sentinel Compstick bar because I like the depower above the bar so it doesn’t get in the way of my hands when I am passing the bar.