Martin Brown – Pay Your Dues

From LOL-ing to wincing in sympathy, this clip from Martin Brown is a classic. Filmed during the Australian 2014 winter and a trip to the USA.

Martin tells us that getting into snow kiting from a water based background may not be too hard – “when people come out for their first time on snow they say it’s really easy to pick up. When this was shot I had never kited on water before so I can’t compare. This summer I’ve managed to get out on the water over 50 days even though I live over 2 hours from the coast, so I’ve learnt so much on the water. Snowkiting this season is going to be so awesome.”

He also gave us some handy advice on finding the right setup, “When you come the biggest thing is finding the right places to go for the better wind. You have to take all size kites in your car and decide from there because it can be really unpredictable. Most of the time I catch the chair to the top of Thredbo and go from there. Some times you don’t have to walk far but if the wind isn’t right it can be up to an hour walk.”

Oh, the highlight clip is coming soon too. Of course Freedom will be all over it when it is released!