Liquid Force BIG Weekend Away- Old Bar

Old Bar Jack Rail High res

Newest addition to the LFK Team- Jack Gearing killing it on the rail in a freestyle session. Cheers to Marlee Currie from Thrills Photo for the sweet pic!


As of this weekend, I am completely and utterly convinced kitesurfing is a team sport.


It’s not hard to believe that when you compare going for a solo session against going out with a tonne of mates. One of the best things about kitesurfing is getting to share the good times and the sweet moments; the failed attempts and lots of laughs with like-minded and like-passionate (If that is even a word) people out on the water… and that is exactly what the Liquid Force BIG Weekend Away at Old Bar was all about.


With a massive turnout of around 70 kiters from all over the shop- from the Sunshine Coast down to Wollongong, Liquid Force put on an event for everyone to enjoy themselves out in the water. Over the past weekend, Old Bar showcased some great winds and picturesque days on the beach and in the lagoon.


Wave riders or not, everyone was out in the waves at about 11 am to do a downwinder on Saturday Morning from Old Bar to Wallabi Point. Car pooling back to Lani’s Caravan Park saw a few people regaining and refuelling with food and nanna-naps, then it was off to the lagoon for a butter-smooth, storm-chasing flatwater ride.


And who could forget the beers and wrestling and good music after dark!?


A very successful and BIG weekend away thanks to Old Bar and the whole Liquid Force team! It was a fantastic event full of laughs, drinks and some sweet sessions- something to definitely look out for in the future.


Old Bar Weekend-2

Elliot Drury keeping it real… PIC: Thrills Photo





Beers with the team after a great session out in the sun all day!


Chuck us a shaka Mike!

Old Bar Weekend-3

Beau Blake complementing the butter-smooth lagoon. PIC: Thrills Photo


Old Bar Weekend-6

PIC: Thrills Photo