Lay it Down

By Nathan Katterns from Issue 01.

Not so long ago, a good mate asked me how I felt about kitesurfing. I gave him an analogy that started a fire in his belly and reignited my own too! The conversation rolled on and we started talking about what makes us so stoked on kitesurfing….
My response encompassed the two sports I’ve dedicated my life to – surfing and kitesurfing. My response was so simple; it came to me almost like an epiphany. I replied with an easy tone and gave the straightest answer I could, “surfing is an escape, but kitesurfing is FREEDOM.”

“Nothing can come close to the Freedom I feel when I hit the water with a board under my feet and a kite in the air. I’m free from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, something I’ve needed of late, and something I intend to continue doing. It’s a choice, but it’s more like an addiction.”
We all like to rip into a wave, but sometimes we get lost in our approach to wave riding. Here are a few ideas to try next time you’re out there and want to rip!

The Re-entry


Nathan Katterns - Pic Michael Pinneo

Nathan Katterns – Pic Michael Pinneo

Under the lip: Approach the section with speed and as you come up the face, lay your weight onto the rail and turn your board away from the lip. This is a sick way to wash-off speed and throw a bucket of spray. It’s not a super critical manoeuvre, but super practical and fits in nicely after a bottom turn without being too critical – it’s a baby-steps type of turn. Think of doing a roller coaster s-turn on the wave and keep your sights on your next turn…

Bear Karry C Street California - Pic Wolcott

Bear Karry C Street California – Pic Wolcott

On the lip: This has a similar approach to the first but requires a little more skill. When you start this turn, plan on throwing your fins above the lip. Sort of like throwing a car into a Tokyo Drift when you hit a corner at top speed. Keep your weight over your heels, your eyes looking forward and your balance centred over the board. The board will release a bit and you’ll probably end up going reverse for a bit too. Hold onto it and ride out with your kite and board in the direction you were originally travelling, ready for the next section.

Patri McgLaughlin - Pic Wolcott

Patri McgLaughlin – Pic Wolcott

Above the lip: This is the NEXT LEVEL KIDS. Approach the lip like it’s a section that you’re going to ramp off. Your intention is to ramp into the air and do a re-entry from the air with nothing but style and skill to pull it off. You need to do the re-entry in the air and keeping the board positioned under your feet might mean a grab or practicing some Kung Fu with your tailpad. Either way, bone it out, lay it down look for your landing, making sure to keep your knees bent. Ride out of the landing and claim it…Yew!