Kite all winter in Far North Qld!

Winter is here…

So the majority of Aussie kiters right now are becoming depressed…. our skin is getting itchy from the icy off shore winds, your summer white sock tan is slowly taking over the rest of your body as you try to find comfort on your time off indoors watching mind numbing TV serials. Your once perfectly kite sculptured body and tiger like kite tuned reflexes wither away, into just another flabby, pasty white skinned zombie on your way to work….

Lets face it your turning into a white walker… and the only way to fix that is to HEAD NORTH… Where the sun, warm water and endless windy days await!

Australian Kite Surfari is just a hop, skip, tumble, jump (and a few more hops) north of Cairns.


This could be your office for the week.

Camp host Ant will come pick you up from Cairns in his super bus, and take you to his slice of paradise where it’s windy almost non stop all winter… and yes warm and sunny too!

Everything is there, all you need to take is:
Kite gear (it ranges from 15  to 30 knots)
Minimal clothing (perhaps a jacket) as there’s no going out anywhere fancy… your on the beach!
A wetsuit top to void off wind chill…
That’s it… Everything else is there! No mozzies – No Crocs – No Sharks.

Trips range from 3 days to a full week…
What are you waiting for book a spot now while you still can!

Kitesurfing Adventure Tours from Cairns and Port Douglas

Check out some piccies from our editors recent trip:


Warm, flat, knee to waist deep water perfect for speed runs!


Alex Leslie busting free


Elliot Drury “It’s a fantastic spot to practice your tricks as it’s so consistent”


Smooth flat water for miles


Yummy Aussie style cooked meals 3 times a day


You too will be all smiles after kiting ALL DAY!


Comfy accommodation right on the beach!


Make new friends, human and pooch!


There’s 2 buggies there, take a small kite too!