Josh did it… he’s off to Morocco!

Josh Stephens

Freedom Magazine spotted Josh kiting at a North demo day in Noosa Heads a few months ago.
“I immediately noticed Josh’s drive – he was out trying to kite in almost no wind while everyone else watched on, just to help make the demo day a success.” Ollie J
Within a few minutes of chatting editor Ollie J and Josh came up with a plan to help him get to the PKRA and chase his dreams. Together they launched an online funding campaign for donations to help cover his costs. The repsonse from the kiting community was fantastic raising nearly $2000 which was enough to pay for his flights and send him with stars in his eyes into the future.
Freedom Kitesurfing Magazine would like to thank everybody involved – and well done Josh for putting your head down and making it happen.

FKM: Hey Josh so it looks like the campaign “You Only Get One Shot” went quite well? Can you give us an update on whats happening with your planned trip to the PKRA now all systems a go?

Josh: The GoGetFunding was a big success in my opinion, I didn’t think so many people would support my dream! But thanks to Freedom mag and everyone that donated, I was able to book my flights to Morocco, compete against the worlds best and hopefully kick some ass!

FKM: Channel 9 interviewed you for this campaign how did you organise that?

Josh: Georgie from channel 9 news had seen my efforts on the GoGetFunding web page and decided to shoot me a message with her number, telling me to get in touch. I gave her a call and a couple of hours later I found myself down at the beach with Ollie doing a News reel!

FKM: You were offering a private coaching lesson to the biggest donor… Looking through your donations its appears your Dad is the winner! Haha go Dad! so now what? Are you gonna teach your Dad?

Josh: My old man is a shredder, pulling tricks like Dark slides, Back roll hand plants and unhooked power S-bends! Dad definitely doesn’t need my coaching anymore, so I am planning to run a freestyle clinic to say thank you to all who donated and supported me over the years. Keep your eyes open on Sea breeze for for this event in April!

FKM: So whats the plan when you get to the PKRA – do you know where you are staying etc? Or you setting up a crack tent? 😀

Josh: I fly out on the 12th of march from Brisbane to Casablanca. Once I arrive in Casablanca I will have to stay overnight and catch the next flight to Dakhla in the early morning. Dakhla is a little army town.. the only thing there is kiting, surfing and more kiting! What more could you ask for? Accommodation is very expensive for a tent in the middle of no where! Who knows, I may just fined myself sleeping under my kite under the stars.

FKM: What are you hoping to achieve over there?

Josh: I am going to the PKRA to achieve a world classed ranking and see what the level is. Hopefully find a long term international kite sponsor while I’m there! Most of all learn new tricks from the pro’s and have loads of fun!

FKM: What tricks you hoping to stomp over there to get the judges eye? Anything new you are working on?

Josh: Currently landing, Front Blind Mobes, Backmobe 5’s, S-mobes 5, S2’s, Grabbed KGB, Grabbed 315, and the G-Spot! I’m currently working on the KGB 5, if i can get this intense trick before I leave I believe I will make a statement. Fingers crossed!

FKM: Do you have a plan B if you get knocked out early?

Josh: If I get knocked out early, will be filming to achieve a wildcard entry to one of the biggest events in the world, The Red Bull King of the Air and The Triple S!! In between filming and riding I will be writing about my Moroccan experience for the next issue of Freedom Kitesurfing Magazine, so stay tuned!

FKM: Is there a way peeps can follow your progression in the comp?

Josh: People can follow me on my Facebook and i will send you a invite to my Athlete Page. Or if your are a dinosaur and have no clue what facebook is I will be posting updates on Freedom Kitesurfing Magazines web page.
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FKM: When you get home whats your plan for the rest of the year with your kiting?

Josh: I plan to come home and work my ass off to pay off my credit card debt from Morocco and get myself to Dominican Republic for my next PKRA competition!