Join Elliot Drury and Australian Kite Surfari August 19-24th

Eliot Kite Power
Winter is upon us and for most of us that means less time on the water, wetsuits and shorter days. It’s not all doom and gloom, the Southern state’s turn in weather means that up North the conditions are epic! Australian Kite Surfaris have been running remote North Queensland tours for years now and the conditions are raved about. Howling winds all day, flat water tidal lagoons and a low key natural camping setting make this one of the best domestic winter escapes out there.

Sydney based Canadian pro Elliot Drury is offering an opportunity to join him from August 19-24th to not only enjoy these great conditions but recieve personal coaching from him on how to take your riding to the next level. The combination of consistent winds and Australian Freestyle Champion (international competition) tuition will allow you to get the most value out of your winter escaperegardless of your level – as Elliot told Freedom – “”I want anyone who has ambition to improve their freestyle level to come regardless of their skill level. I’d say if you’re comfortable riding upwind and doing small jumps I would love to have you out. Even if I’m teaching some more advanced tricks there will be things for you to learn and because it’s a small group there will be a lot of 1 on 1 time which means I can tailor the lessons to each person.”” Elliot also gave us an overview of how he sees freestyle progression happening – “”The key to all freestyle tricks is visualisation and a solid basis of fundamentals. Every trick is built off of simple concepts and once you understand those concepts and have the basics locked down we can start to build on those foundations. I am confident that everyone that attends will improve their kiting drastically. I have a knack for pushing people to achieve their best.””

If your riding is stuck at the same level this could be just what you need to push on through, as Elliot explains – “”Progression and plateau go hand in hand. The better you get the longer you plateau for. If you’re at the stage of doing some jumps and you want to get better from there you’ll learn a ton of stuff and be nailing new tricks daily. With someone who already has a lot of tricks down, often you need someone good to ride with. It’s pretty common for riders from areas without a high level to get stuck and plateau early because they don’t have someone pushing them every day. It’s always good to get fresh perspective on your tricks or get some ideas for new tricks to try. If you’ve been trying to learn one trick and failing at it for a long time often you’ve ‘learned to fall’ or taught yourself not to land it. Sometimes you need to go to something else and come back to the trick later to reset.””

If this sounds like something that could get you landing that elusive next trick contact for more information