Jaws Super Session – Robby Naish, Niccolo Porcella, Kai Lenny, Jesse Richman, Francisco Porcella

Jaws is running hot right now! Right after hosting a WSL HUGE wave event the wind picked up and an all star cast hit Jaws for a super session including Robby Naish, Kai Lenny, Jesse Richman, Niccolo Porcella with his brother Francisco in tow.

Kai gets wave of the day on his SUP and joins the Porcella brothers on one heck of a party wave at around 3:15.

Check out the eco-tow in – tow out wave near the end of the clip too! With that many helicopters and skis on hand eco is probably not really an accurate description but it’s great to see.

December 9, 2015 Peahi (Jaws) Maui multisport sessions from Xensr on Vimeo.