James Carew Taken out By Kevin Langeree at One Eye

Freedom caught up with James yesterday before the final day of trials of the GKA Kite-Surf World Cup …

James Carew

James Carew

So, the trials started yesterday with some fun sized waves, solid 5ft with the occasional bigger one coming through. The wind was light to begin with but picked up throughout the day and by the afternoon the wind was perfect with glassy waves and pretty much perfect conditions on offer. My first heat was a win and I got some fun waves, tried for a barrel but it pinched on me and smashed me into the channel. Today looks good although it’s a bit smaller hopefully I can make it through the trials and into the main event!!” James Carew

Today marked the final day of trials. James won his first heat but fell in his second against world champ Kevin Langeree! Pretty tough match up for the trials!

“Kevin Langeree and James Storm Carew won the first two heats of the day and went straight through to the final round of the trials where they would come face to face to decide which of them would progress to the main event.

 Carew had been one of the standout riders during the trials but, although he rode well, he just couldn’t rise to the flying Dutchman and his competition was over as Kevin progressed to the main event.” GKA Media

We tried to reach James for comment – but seeing as he can now relax and enjoy the free beers, we were unable to reach him…! 😀

Keahi De-Aboitiz is still in and once again looking strong scoring 2nd highest combo, behind Airton Cozzolino.

Swell is dropping off tomorrow but forescast to pump for the finals fingers crossed!