Ian Alldredge – How to Pop Shove it!

Pop Shove It

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OK, here’s the situation… You’re edging up-wind as hard as possible on your heel-side, keeping your kite at 45 degrees. Line up a steep section of a wave or just practice using some wind chop.

1) Keeping your kite at 45 degrees, bend your knees and push up, taking off using the wave or wind chop. I like to use the example of a skateboard ‘ollie’– it’s a similar motion. In fact, I recommend buying a skateboard to help you practice; when it’s flat or there’s no wind, it’s good to get some time on a board. Any board.

2) Once you’re in the air, keep the kite in the same position, pulling down on your bar.

3) Shove the tail of your board forward, rotating it 180 degrees and making sure the bottom of the board is always pointed directly into the wind. If you let the wind catch a rail or the deck you’ll lose your board.

4) Keep your eyes on the board as it spins and spot your landing, adjusting the bar based on whether you need power or not.

5) Before you land, make sure your feet are in position (closer toward the nose than normal) and knees are bent throughout.

6) Catch the board with your feet when it’s halfway around (easier if you’re wearing booties or have sticky wax) and spin around once you land and ride out of it.

TIP: You don’t need to be going crazy-fast

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Pop Shove It