Elliot Drury Triple S Wildcard Clip

Canadian born but now Australian resident Elliot Drury has thrown his hat in the Venyu Triple-S invitational ring. Ewan Jaspan is already locked in to make his competitive comeback and it’d be great to have another Aussie repping over at the biggest wakestyle event in the sport. We asked Elliot a few questions about how much it’d mean for him to get into the event…

FKM- What would it mean to ride at this event?

Elliot- As cheesy as it sounds, getting into this event means the world to me. I’ve been dreaming of riding in it since its inception in 2006 when I was just a 16-year-old grom. Although it’s a long shot as there have been some killer entries, I am still hopeful. Fingers are definitely crossed!

FKM- Who would you be most stoked to ride alongside if you qualify?

Elliot- There are a ton of great riders in the event. It’s absolutely stacked. If I had to say who I would be most stoked to ride alongside though it would be my Canadian mates Craig C and Sam M. Always good to ride with your fellow countrymen!

FKM- What will you ride in the event?

Elliot- Gear wise I’d definitely keep running my current setup of Liquid Force Hi-fi X kites and the Echo kiteboard. Such a good combo for rails and kickers!

FKM- The format is moving towards the Sliders (away from Slicks and Surf), how will that affect your approach?

Elliot- For me the first year would be a learning experience. I’m not sure if the competition change would affect much for me. I’m better on sliders than kickers but I’m improving my inverts at the cable park each time I go and trying to up my rail game as well. The level is crazy high in all aspects so I think I would just try my best and see what happens!