Craig Cunningham – Down Time at the Triple S

The Triple S is experiencing the lightest wind in it’s 10 year history. There’s been some sessions but not the all day affairs the riders have become accustomed to. We caught up with North Kiteboarding team rider Craig Cunningham to find out how the riders deal with the downtime at an event like this.

Triple S Invitational, Craig Cunningham, Aaron Hadlow, North Kiteboarding, Freedom Kite Mag

Lack of wind means more time for ‘other work’ and some time to catch up with the guys.

FKM- So, not much wind how have you kept yourselves busy?

Craig- I’ve actually been pretty sick. Coming from Venezuela before this I picked up some sort of stomach parasite. Finally got it checked out yesterday and now on some pharmaceuticals. We’ve still been cracking through some product videos with the North crew as 2016 is just around the corner and of course some chill time, catching up with my friends and team mates from around the world. Funnily enough Sam Light is going around fitting people for custom waterproof headphones, I did that the other day!

Sam Light, Craig Cunningham, Real Kiteboarding, Triple S Invitational

Light winds mean alternative activities. Fitting waterproof headphones is a new one for sure!

FKM- Have you been getting much water time? Any sessions of note thus far?

Craig- Got one decent session in. Big kites though… Still managed some good hits and definitely snagged a few photos with Toby Bromwich and Lance Koudele around, they always get the goods no matter the conditions.

North Kiteboarding, Venyu Triple S Innvitational, Toby Bromwich

Getting the job done. The Triple S has the best riders, best setup and best photographers so no matter the conditions there’s always some epic content coming out of the event.

FKM- How’s the forecast looking for the rest of the event period?

Craig- Pretty grim to tell you the truth. Will be a shame for the 10 year anniversary seeing that they have had wind every other year.

Real Kiteboarding Triple S Invitational.

The forecast’s not looking great but everything is ready if/when something changes.

FKM- Do light conditions change the possible event results?

Craig- Light conditions are OK I think as long as you have good power. Big kites are fine for park riding and are actually pretty close to the feeling of the cable. Just when it drops below a certain point it’s just better to not run anything then end up with junky hits.

North Kiteboarding, Venyu Triple S Invitational

Big kites have their positives, especially on obstacles. Steadier pull brings the kite closer to the cable.

FKM- The Triple S is renowned as a huge event on and off the water. How’s the off water action going so far this year?

Craig- To be honest the night life / off water activities have suffered this year a bit, well at least for the invited riders. Since we’re constantly on hold and waiting to see what happens the next day a lot of people are pretty hesitant to get loose.

North Kiteboarding, Freedom Kite Mag, Real Kiteboarding Triple S Invitational.

You may think no wind = huge parties but with the riders permanently on call Craig has found the event nightlife is actually mellower as no-one wants to miss ‘the’ session when it turns on.