Bret Sullivan – Triple-S Wildcard 2015

There’s always plenty of competition for the last few wildcard spots in the Real Kiteboarding Triple S event. This year Bret Sullivan is one of those guys. From the look of it he would be a great addition to the event. Here he gives us a few insights into just how much he’d love to be there…

FKM- How closely have you followed the event in years gone by? What have been the highlights from what you’ve seen over the event’s 10 year history?

Bret- I have followed triple-S closely every year since I began kiting in 2010. It has always been a dream of mine to compete in the event. Highlights over the years have been watching legends in our sport such as Jason Slezak, Andre Phillip, Hadlow, Eric Rienstra, Sam Light, Brandon Sheid, Billy Parker, Tom court , etc. to compete in the wakestyle discipline. Watching these talented athletes push the boundaries of our sport has always been the most appealing aspect for me. For example the evolution of boots, which started from wakeboarding and first adopted by the wakestyle riders. Now we see almost every freestyle athlete wearing boots at major contests. Real Watersports, the Triple-s athletes, and the sponsors of the event are pioneers facilitating the growth of our incredible sport.

FKM- If you make the event who are the riders you’re most pumped to ride along side?

Bret- The legends of our sport, but even more so my Best Kiteboarding team mates. Best team riders Chris Bobryk, Sam Medysky, Rich Sabo, Billy Parker each whom have helped me tremendously both on and off the water. I would be most pumped riding alongside them representing my favorite brand: Best Kiteboarding.

FKM- The event this year has gone to Sliders (less Slicks and Surf), how will that affect your riding and your approach if you’re in the event?

Bret- Wakestyle riding has always been my core discipline, I consider it one of my strengths. I have loads of experience hitting rails and kickers, but there is always room for improvement. So I would adapt my training schedule to focus primarily on slider and kickers hits leading up to the event.

FKM- What gear will you be running in the event?

Bret- I would ride Best Kiteboarding’s TS kites, the profanity board, with the extract bar and lines. The extract bar uses thicker lines and is smaller in length, which slows down the speed of the kite making it more efficient during tricks. The profanity offers incredible handling for powered tricks and has an amazing grind base perfect for kiting sliders or cable wakeboarding. Finally, the TS’s smooth power and responsive handling deliver everything I need from a high performance kite.

FKM- Who do you want to thank for getting this far?

Bret- My family, friends, team, coaches, and sponsors, without which none of this would be possible. Sponsors: Best Kiteboarding, Smart for Life

FKM- Any last words for the wildcard entry judges?

Bret- Thank you for your continued efforts in making one of the greatest kiteboarding events in the world possible! Good luck at the event!