Blue Palawan Open 2016

The key to park style kiteboarding’s ongoing is access to features, it’s too often left to groms with little or no tools to hunt for PVC in the streets and setup whatever sketchy contraption they can in the shallows at their local. Often breaking mid session and being condemned to the sand dunes a forgotten failure.

That’s why setups like Asia’s first kite park at Blue Palawan in the Philippines are a step in the right direction for this side of the sport and the best way to get the word out is just what the guys over there did… invite the worlds best to session your spot. If you missed the constant stream of Facebook and Instagram coverage coming from the riders this clip shows the spot, setup and riders at their best.

Blue Palawan Open 2016 – Asia's first Kiteboard Terrain Park from bluekiteboarding on Vimeo.