Billy Hampton Joins Team Ozone

Billy Hampton is blessed coming from one of the richest parts of the world for a budding waterman. He’s kiting is cutting edge in the waves, flats and he’s no slouch on a SUP or surf board. This season he’s bringing his fast developing skills to the Ozone team so we caught up to find out a bit about his new gear, riding goals and the new team. Plenty more coming from Billy this season!

FKM: What are you going to be riding this year?
BH: I’m loving the Reo V3’s at the moment, I quite like a kite that you can just forget about and surf the wave and the Reo allows me to do this. I’m planning on riding the Ozone Enduro. They are based on the catalyst but are more refined to advanced wave and freestyle kiting. I love kites that you can use in the surf and on the flats only changing a few settings.

FKM: any shark proof ozone kites coming out? it’s looking pretty sharky over west this season!!!
BH: SHARKS! They are fine, although i heard there was a 6.5m great white drifting around today. Im not sure if ozone are bringing out a Shark proof construction but Margaret river would be a good place to test it!

FKM: What’s your upcoming riding goals? Where do you want to take your riding?
BH: I’m really trying to smooth out my wave kiting to bring it closer to surfing, but not so close that it ruins it. I want to surf some heavier slabs this summer and kitesurf some new spots.

FKM: Ozone have one of the most active teams in Australia… Are you planning to work (and travel ) with the rest of the team? If so any details you can share yet?
BH: Ozone has a great team in Oz. every one has their own distinctive style and that’s what makes it so unique. I want to do something with Ryland or Rowdy but we don’t have anything planed yet.

FKM: What boards will you ride?
BH: I’m going to be riding Axis strapless surfboards and the Axis Billy Parker pro model for this year.
I haven’t tried these boards yet but the graphics for 2016 are mint! Axis have put a lot of time into their new construction to make the surfboard range feel like polyesters but withstand the punishment kiter’s dish out.